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The principle of America First--the land of our great nation, the current 99% living here, and the Original Peoples. NOT the AMERICAN government, a group of talking heads servicing the 1%; not the wealthy 1% who treat the land, the Original People and the 99% as commodities; NOT ANY OTHER GOVERNMENT, despite the power of certain Lobbies. Seeds about topics that explicitly honor this principle or violate it are welcome.

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The principle of America First! -- we put first the LAND and WATERS and AIR and LIVING BEINGS of our great nation, with special mention of the Original People and the 99% who are being forgotten. This group is not putting AMERICAN government first, which currently is a group of talking heads servicing the 1%. This group is NOT about putting the wealthy 1%ers first, who treat the land and the 99% as commodities to be used and not respected. This group is opposed to putting any OTHER GOVERNMENT or its interests before ours or even equal with ours--as our first president, George Washington, warned--despite the power of certain Lobbies. This is a fundamental principle about which many of us agree: Occupy Wallstreeters, Libertarians, Deep ecologists, many progressives and people who are in the Tea Party. This is a wonderfully important and clear fundamental principle. Seeds about actions or policies that put America First! Land & People! are invited. Also, seeds about actions or policies that violate this fundamental principle.

When we forget to treat the land with respect and fail to put the land first, we threaten our own security and fail to respect the reality of SHE WHO keeps us alive and nourishes us. When we allow those in power to disrespect the people of this nation, both the Original people and all of us in the 99%, we allow the government to use us as commodities--as "things"--for the profit of the 1%. When we put other nations first, we threaten our own security--as George Washington warned at the beginning of this nation.

Let democracy arise again with respect for our great land--earth, energies, water, air, forests, streams, all our living beings who are our relations--and the people who live here.